Nameless Studio is an indie game studio founded by Jorge Sires.

Our stance on copyright

We cherish fan expression and participation so, as a general rule, we won't take action to protect our copyright unless we really feel the need to do.

That means you are free to do the following:

  • Make and monetize gameplay videos.

  • Make and sell fan art.

  • Make and sell covers of our game's songs.

  • Showcase our games at public events.

  • Probably any transformative work you do for free.

You can contact us via email at namelesscontactemail@gmail.com or through Twitter at @NamelessStudio3.


Reincarnated Souls

Is a video game that mixes the action of the twin stick shooter genre with the adventure and progress present in the RPG genre. It is more inclined towards a cooperative adventure although it also includes battles against other players.

Platforms: Android

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Nameless.ReincarnatedSouls

Reincarnated Souls it is a top-down action shooter with RPG elements. Fight against deadly enemies and bosses who will have no mercy on your soul. If the road is very difficult, you can count on the help of your friends in local network co-op.

You have reincarnated in a new world and you are given the mission to destroy the evil Soul Reaper. Defeat generals and forces of evil while gaining experience and power to complete your main mission.

Key features:

  • Top-down action shooter.

  • Dual stick touch controls.

  • Characters with unique abilities.

  • Large number of enemies with unique behaviors.

  • Intense boss fights.

  • Excellent controls and responses.

  • Variety of weapons.

  • Cooperative and battles against other players in local network.


  • Created by Jorge Sires.

  • Character Design by Juan Carlos Miranda

  • Music by Javier EstĂ©vez.

  • Made with Unity by Unity Technologies.

  • Written in English and Spanish by Jorge Sires.

  • Legal stuff by Eduardo Hernandez.