Reincarnated souls

It is a video game that mixes the twin-stick shooter genre's action with the adventure and progress present in the RPG genre. It is more inclined towards a co-op experience, although it also includes battles against other players.

Platforms: Android and iOS


Reincarnated Souls is a top-down action shooter with RPG elements. Fight against deadly enemies and bosses who will have no mercy on your soul. If the road is challenging, you can count on your friends' help in local network co-op.

You have reincarnated in a new world, and you are given the mission to destroy the evil Soul Reaper. Defeat generals and forces of evil while gaining experience and power to complete your primary mission.

Key features:

  • Top-down action shooter.

  • Dual stick touch controls.

  • Characters with unique abilities.

  • Large number of enemies with unique behaviors.

  • Intense boss fights.

  • Excellent controls and responses.

  • Variety of weapons.

  • Cooperative and battles against other players in local network.