Coliseum is a free-to-play action game based on multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) gameplay. Coliseum leads to action-focused gameplay within short matches compared to the more extended strategy-focused game standard in the genre. It consists of two teams, with two or three players each, battling against each other. You can also play in one free-for-all battle. Coliseum has a co-op campaign with enemies and level bosses. The player can kill enemy units to gain resources needed to buy items to augment their character's stats or abilities.

Platforms: Mobile and PC. (Android, Windows, and Linux)

Responsibilities: Director, developer, and game design.


Key features:

  • Characters with multiples and unique abilities.

  • Great variation of talents and stats for each hero.

  • Deep skill system and progression.

  • Large number of enemies with unique behaviors.

  • Over 700 unique weapons as well as accessories and equipment.

  • Cooperative and battles against other players in local network(3vs3, 2vs2,duel, and free for all).